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Welcome to T4 games, we are a small indie game developer

Alternative games are similar to those strange watch festivals that take place in large, empty warehouses where anything can happen. Because the costs and risks associated with creating AAA games like Call of Duty, Destiny or Halo are on the rise, other developers have come to a game and are now trying to create new and wild games alone or in small groups. There are thousands of independent developers in the industry and 21 studios that stand in front of their uniqueness, business technology and high quality work.

Be sure to keep these names and games in your sleeve the next time you are surrounded by strangers in the department store.

Watch out from the trees


Feb 26 2017Early Access Feb 26, 2017 First Person Shooter

UNDERHOT tells the story of an undercover DEA agent and how his work affected his life. The Game is made for #MAKEITSUPERHOT competition. Now playable on https://www.bubbleshooter.net 

Block WarFare

Jun 23 2015TBD First Person Shooter

A voxel multiplayer first person shooter set in a cubic world with many interactions aiming for battlefiled level destruction

Watch Out From The Trees

May 6 2015TBD Adventure

You Wake up Finding Yourself in a small park not knowing what happened to you equipped only with a flash light you must unlock the secrets of the park...